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All About Devin

Serving The Community

Your candidate is passionate about being a positive community member.  As a teacher, he knows how to work with stakeholders and everyday families to build relationships and trust.  His paycheque comes from the tax payer so he understands the responsibility that comes with a public sector job.  It also means he is accountable to the tax payers of Alberta and not beholden to special interests.

Who Is Devin?

Born in Nova Scotia, raised Ontario, married to a Saskatchewanian, and currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Devin has a trans-Canada state of mind!  

Devin grew up in the Niagara Region of Ontario where he attended high school and university.  He completed an undergraduate degree of Integrated Studies and a Master's of Education in the Social & Cultural Constructs of Education from Brock University.  He was a member of the Ontario PC Party before his move to Alberta to accept a teaching position with the Calgary Board of Education working with Indigenous students.  Prior to working with the CBE he was employed with the District School Board of Niagara.  

Devin met his wife Kayla, raised in Saskatchewan, in Hamilton, Ontario where she was going to university.  They will have their first wedding anniversary in August 2018. They attend the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

He cares deeply about the future generations of Alberta and wants to promulgate that passion into the political sphere.  He fears for the Albertan education system since the current economic situation is that billions of dollars are directed towards interest payments on financial debt when that money could have gone to Alberta's students.

What Makes Him Different

Devin believes in low taxes, fiscal responsibility, and a strict adherence to the Canadian Constitution.  Those are values that are shared by all conservatives.  What makes Devin different is twofold.

First, his unwavering support of school choice comes from a belief that parents are the primary caregivers of their children and should have many options to find the best type of schooling outside and inside of the public system. 

Second, his Master's degree in Social & Cultural Contexts of Education has given him a breadth of knowledge of the social divisions of our society and how to reach compromise between ideologies.  Further, his work with Indigenous children at the CBE combined with his own First Nations heritage and youthfulness, makes him a strong conservative voice of Alberta's Indigenous population. It also makes him immune to the NDP attacks that conservatives are just an older and homogenous group.

The Issues


Thanks to short sighted Alberta NDP policies, our province will be $71.1 billion in debt by just 2019/2020. The situation is so bad that the interest cost is $1.42 billion. The NDP have hurt the future generations for short term gain by spending beyond our means.  Devin will fight to dig Alberta out of debt so that future generations can enjoy Albertan prosperity as much as the current population.


The Trans Mountain project faced severe opposition from outside Alberta including British Columbia completely opposing it.  Now the federal Liberals have bought the project and haven't given the public any confidence it will be built.  Canada imports oil from countries known to have severe human rights abuses (such as Saudi Arabia) when clean and ethical oil is right here in Alberta.  The money derived from a strong energy sector also helps keep the standard of living high with taxes low.  Devin will vote time and time again in support of any and all pipeline projects. 

Public Schooling

The Alberta NDP has released a draft curriculum to be implemented in the near future.  No other candidate in the Calgary-North UCP nomination contest can speak to the curriculum the way Devin can as a teacher.  The Alberta Teachers Union has also announced a far Left anti-energy protester will be speaking at the ATA conference.  As an educator, Devin knows the classroom should be a balanced & objective space for students and they should not be potentially pushed in politically charged directions. 

Parents are the primary caregivers of their children, not the province.  This means parents absolutely have the right to find the best education possible for their child.  When parents have school choice, schools are forced to compete with each other creating better performance.  Within the public system there are choices of English public, French public, English Catholic, and French Catholic.  These choices can be expanded to include more science, math, literacy, or special need focused schools.  Another choice of note would be Indigenous focused schools.  Devin is currently employed by one of only two Indigenous schools within the CBE and can vouch for the difference it makes in Indigenous children's lives. 

Sufficient funding is critical for alternative programs to succeed. Funding ensures that socio-economic status is not a barrier for those who seek private or charter schools. Funding also allows schools to provide the necessary support to all students despite ability or needs.  Devin will fight for your right as a parent to place your kids in a learning situation that is best for them whether it be through funding or tax breaks.


The carbon tax is a sham.  Its purpose is to curb 'undesirable behaviour' as if driving to work or heating your home is an undesirable behaviour and not a necessity.  There are ways to take care of the earth without harming business and the everyday citizen.  For these solutions we only need to look to our neighbour to the east.  Saskatchewan has proposed several common sense measures that Alberta can also introduce.

  • Deploy carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology
  • Increase its target for renewable-energy generation capacity
  • Investment in technological solutions to lower GHGs in oil & gas industry
  • Implementing/improving agriculture and forest land management practices

Seniors Care

Currently, a single senior with an annual income of $27,690 or less, and senior couples with a combined annual income of $44,965 or less, are eligible for a cash benefit via the Alberta Seniors Benefit program. Devin would work to find room in the budget to increase these values so that more seniors can qualify.

Previous Albertan governments have been criticized for promoting for-profit companies to build assisted-living facilities because they did not provide the proper medical care that was needed. For-profit companies should continue to be encouraged as they save the government much needed capital. However, these companies would need strict legislation to make sure they can meet the needs of the seniors in their care. Devin is in support of tax breaks for companies that take care of Albertan seniors contingent they meet every need of its clientele.

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